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SELLER's www.snugbrandwear. com shopping site.
a) Business this s contract _ subject, BUYER's n to the SELLER belonging www.snugbrandwear. com area judicial from the website electronic in the environment your order made below qualities and sales price stated your product sale and delivery with relating to aspect 6502 numbered of the consumer Protection about Law and 29188 Formal Newspaper No. Distant to contracts _ About regulation _ _ provisions in accordance with parties right and commitment of its obligations .
a) in contract _ stated price including all commitments, until changed and update until it's done until valid. Promises and prices announced for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period.
listed and on site advert made prices sales is the price. contract _ _ subject goods either in your service all Sales price including taxes are shown below .
Product Information Product Code Color Size Unit Price Quantity
(VAT included)
Total: ₺ (including VAT)
Discounts : ₺
Shipping Fee :
GENERAL TOTAL : ₺ (including VAT)
Payment Method and Plan : Credit Card/ Advance Payment
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Delivery Costs :₺
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The products offered for sale are delivered only within the borders of Turkey.
b) BUYER, contract _ _ subject goods/services delivery without taking before _ peak will; meek, broken, the packaging is torn etc. damaged and faulty goods/services cargo from the company delivery will not take. Delivery The goods/services received shall be deemed to be undamaged and intact.
a) BUYER, to the SELLER belonging www.snugbrandwear. com judicial Internet on the site contract _ _ subject your product basic qualities, sales price and don't pay shape with delivery and don't give up to the right related Front Information Read the form _ information owner is and electronic in the environment necessary confirmation you gave accept, declaration and commits .
b) BUYER; this s agreement _ electronic in the environment confirmation by doing, distant your contracts _ before it is signed , seller _ by to the consumer giving required address, order given to products belonging basis features , products taxes including price, don't pay and delivery information with don't give up to the right related information also TRUE and confirms that it has been obtained in full.
c) SELLER site over received in orders customs any a reason without showing _ cancel don't and limiting _ _ to the right has. This limitation same customer from your account, same credit card using, same invoice or delivery their addresses including, wholesaler, dealer by or again sell purpose It can be applied to the orders that are thought to be given with .
D) SELLER on site found prices with in stores found prices between may occur responsible for differences is not. site over given on orders on site order during order summary The prices given on the page are valid.
to) site on product with relating to given in the information spelling errors or information shortcomings it could be. SELLER these errors correction to the right and this as a result relating to legal legislation to the provisions appropriate be reserves the right to cancel or make changes in some orders .
f) SELLER, on site in pictures of products their colors real to your colors most appropriate way aims to show . However the user screen settings, different screen types therefore with may occur from the differences does not accept responsibility for it.
g) contract _ _ subject product, 6502 number of of the consumer Protection About Law" with Distance Contracts _ About regulation _ according to determined legal 30 daily the duration not exceed registration with each a product sigh _ BUYER 'S residential your place to the distance connected aspect BUYER or he showed _ at the address It is delivered to the person/organization via the cargo company.
h) Product delivery, herein in the contract stated delivery to take official from person/organization It will not be done to anyone else . delivery during, delivery to take official of persons identity submission mandatory. This people, identity presentation they didn't if themselves delivery from being made refusal will be. contract _ _ subject product, from the BUYER other a to person/persons delivery will be if, delivery will be person/organization delivery No responsibility can be attributed to the SELLER due to its non - acceptance .
I) SELLER, contract _ _ subject your product durable, complete, on order stated to qualifications appropriate and in accordance with the legislation delivery compulsory the one which... in cases guarantee documents and use guides with delivery liable to do so .
j) contract _ _ subject your product delivery for product of the cost BUYER'S choice that he don't pay shape with having been tried is essential. Any a reason product cost do n't say or bank in the records cancel welcome if, The SELLER shall be exempt from the obligation to deliver the product.
k) of the product from the delivery Then to the BUYER belonging credit your card n BUYER 'S from the fault not welded somehow _ unauthorized by persons unfair or to the law against aspect use Reason with relating to bank or financial institution product the cost of to the SELLER not saying o in case of, BUYER'S to herself delivery been taken provided it is your product 3 day inside to the SELLER sending _ _ mandatory. This case transport expenses It belongs to the BUYER .
l) SELLER, order _ subject goods either in service your act in its place bringing; force majeure reasons or obstructing the transport weather opposition, of transportation cutting, epidemic, Pandemic, fire, earthquake, flood raid as extraordinary situations Reason with has become impossible in cases and right a reason contract _ _ subject supply of the product that you cannot understanding in case of contract _ _ subject product time inside delivery can't if the situation to the BUYER by reporting liable. This if BUYER your order cancel to be made, contract _ _ the subject of the product if any precedent with to be replaced and/or delivery of the duration inhibitory your situation to disappear until postponement from your rights someone can use. BUYER's n order job cancel to do in what he said amount o said way to herself back is called o . BUYER'S credit card with made in payments if, product amount , order shin BUYER by cancel from being Then most late 10 (front) day in relating to return to bank is done. This your amount to the bank from the refund Then BUYER to their accounts reflection cost _ completely bank transaction process _ _ with relating to since BUYER, possible delays sigh _ of the SELLER any a way to intervene possible can't be and SELLER by credit to your card return made your amount by bank BUYER on your account reflecting for last of the duration SELLER'S under the responsibility not and to the SELLER this with the process relevant aspect no responsibility won't load accept, declaration and commits .
m) SELLER'S, BUYER by to the site record in the form stated or more Then itself updated by address, email address, still and mobile telephone lines and other _ Contact information letter over , email, SMS, telephone meeting _ _ and other by ways Contact, marketing, notification and for other purposes to the BUYER access right exists. BUYER, herein s agreement _ accept by doing to the SELLER itself annual _ _ above stated Contact in its activities can be found accept and declares .
a) BUYER, contract _ _ subject your product to herself or he showed _ at the address person/organization from the delivery 14 (front four rt ) day inside no legal and criminal responsibility without undertaking and no without justification _ _ your goods/services unused to be provided that don't give up to the right has. Withdrawal exercise of the right for to the SELLER to do the one which... don't give up notice, your goods from the delivery from 14 (front four rt ) daily for a while i in china Distant Sales to the contracts About regulation _ _ in accordance with BUYER by, written or a continually data carrier by should be done. HE reason BUYER, SELLER 's _ above Location area open written to the address , customer services telephone line or www.snugbrandwear. com e-mail through return should request .
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal:
b) 3. to the person or to the BUYER delivery made product, to the SELLER to be sent about to to cargo delivery when billing the original in return death _ _ by filling (Return to be made wanted product n invoice I a institution named after _ _ if, back return while institution arranged is return invoice with together) product together with don't give up your right that it is used related your notice y was directed from history from 10 (front) day must be sent in .
c) SELLER, don't give up notice of to herself reach cost _ and with the invoice together your product delivery since the most late 14 (front four rt ) daily for a while inside _ total cost and the BUYER _ debt under stinger is obliged to return all documents to the BUYER and to return the goods.
Product returns, SELLER 's _ contracted is and product to the BUYER from the sender Cargo with the following should be sent to the address :
D) Return amounts order _ during used don't pay method with back is called o . to shopping related refund amounts BUYER 's _ credit card on your account makes. Credit to your card to do the one which... return in their pay relevant bank rules are reserved.
a) BUYER 's _ special _ request and demands in accordance with produced or on change either in additions in the goods made and made special to the person ; The BUYER cannot use the right of withdrawal.
7) BUYER'S Default
BUYER 's _ in default fall in case of, BUYER, your debt delayed from the performance because SELLER 's _ formed damage and your waste to pay accept it does. BUYER 's _ your default SELLER 's _ from the fault originate from In such cases , the BUYER shall not be obliged to meet any claim for loss or damage.
a) Business this s contract _ in the implementation, BUYER complaint and objections on the subject their applications , TR customs and _ Trade by the Ministry disclosed to value until BUYER 's _ goods/services buy n received _ or residential Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the place where the place is located are authorized.
b) Information on the monetary limit is as follows :
07/11/2013 dated and 6502 numbered of the consumer Protection About of the law 68. in the article As of 01/01/2015 according to the determined procedure :
1- District consumer arbitration committees in disputes whose value is less than two thousand Turkish liras ,
2- Provincial consumer arbitration committees in disputes whose value is less than three thousand Turkish liras ,
3- metropolitan city in the status found in the provinces if two thousand Turkish pound with three thousand Turkish pound It is obligatory to apply to the provincial consumer arbitration committees in disputes between
In case the order is approved, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract .