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Last updated date: 16.12.2020
herein Cookie Lighting of your text purpose Volcano Star ( " Snug " or "Company") by y being discussed _ at Location area Internet of the site ( Site ”) operating during Site users/members/visitors ( Data Owner") your cookies use of with get made personal to inform you about the processing of your data .
Company, herein Cookie Lighting your text, 7 April 2016 on into effect entering 6698 numbered Your Personal Data Protection of the Law ( Law”) 10th _ _ substance in accordance with, on site _ which cookies are used and Data Owners ' _ this on the subject their preferences how _ that they can manage explain prepared for the purpose .
snug aspect, on site _ we use cookies from using can give up these types or its functions can change or new cookies to use we can start. This reason, herein Cookie Lighting text in the provisions we wish time change don't do that right hidden we are holding. Current lighting text on carried out the one which... each kinds change on site or any a public _ in the medium by being published together force will win. End update to history of the text placed at the beginning .
What is a cookie ?
Cookies, any a Internet site visit when you or any a message your browser when you view or your device to memory placed, in general letter and in numbers formed, small size text files.
Cookies, visit you have web site y y why servers by they are created. thus _ _ visitor is the same the site visit when Server this can understand. Cookies, Internet site to their owners It can be likened to ID cards showing that the same visitor has visited the site again .
Cookies, a Internet to the site related situation and choice settings by hiding, this Internet use of the site makes it easier. the site _ temporal proportional aspect how much of the person that you use, a person 's site _ which for the purpose, how much times visit that he and What until staying about statistical information get to do and Users for special _ designed user from the pages dynamic aspect advertisement and plum inside It is designed to help the production of
Browsers much most first technical Contact file accept will in a way was designed. However , users technical Contact of your file accept not to be or technical Contact file They can always change their browser settings so that they are alerted when sent.
Cookies can be classified in terms of their owner, lifetime and purpose of use .
For What Purposes Are Cookies Used ?
snug aspect, on site _ using we are various cookies by personal your data we are processing. In general, the purposes of processing your personal data through cookies are given below:
- of the site working cost _ for necessary basis functions to actualize. For example, session Members who open the site do not need to enter passwords again while visiting different pages on the Site.
- Site _ _ analysis to make and of the site performance to increase. For example , of the site on working differently your servers integration, the site _ visit those who the number of detection to be made and this according to performance _ of your settings to be done either in your visitors what you're looking for that they find facilitation.
- of the site its functionality increase and use ease to ensure. For example , site over third party social media to the channels in sharing have, the site _ visit the one who of the visitor next _ on your visit user First Name of your knowledge either in call your queries n line tearing.
- Personalization, targeting and advertising activity to actualize. For example, visitors view _ _ page and products over your visitors interest with fields connected advertising display . _
of the law 5 ' pearl and 8 ' th substances in accordance with, personal your data above Location given for purposes and in accordance with the law necessary in cases open with your consent based on aspect is processed. snug aspect, personal your data above Location given your goals realization with annoyed, connected and measured _ aspect and Law and relevant secondary legislation to the provisions appropriate way Our company from your services benefited from third to persons, to our business partners, to our shareholders, to our affiliates, by law official public institution and organizations with special _ person and to organizations we can transfer. of data transferred parties personal your data of the world We would like to point out that you can store it on its servers all over the world.
Which Cookies Are Used ?
down too on site _ we use different of the kind to cookies related informations you can find. on site _ both you visited site by placed (first party) cookies both also visit you have site (third party) cookies placed by servers other than those used.
- Mandatory Cookies
Clear your cookies use of of the site TRUE and functional a in a way working cost _ for mandatory. For example ; on site _ session when you open commissioning entering identity verification cookies, on site _ a from the page It ensures that your active session continues when you switch to another .
- Functionality and Preference Cookies
This cookies yours site on you your preferences and your choices remembering on site _ the services offered yours for to personalize provides. For example ; site on you tongue your choice or It allows us to remember the font size you have chosen while reading a text.
- Social Media Cookies
This cookies yours social media your uses about information to collect provides. For example; personalized ads creation either in market research to be done for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Cookies can be used to use the information of your accounts.
- Performance and Analytics Cookies
This cookies thanks to the site _ your use and our site performance analysis by to you the services we provide more good halo we can bring. For example; this cookies thanks to our visitors most three arrows _ pages i that you display , of the site should as working p work mad _ and possible error their codes we can detect .
- Targeting or advertising cookies
to you on our site or our site except in the media product and service to promote to do for we use cookies . Moreover Some work with our partners to you our site within or outside advertisement and to promote sigh _ work _ to the union we can go. For example, on our site you see _ a to the advertisement click and you don't click, if advertisement your attention if he pulled after that He your ad led by _ on site from service Cookies can be used to track whether you have benefited or not .
How Can I Control the Use of Cookies?
You have the opportunity to customize your preferences regarding cookies by changing the settings of your browser.
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Google AdWords
Google Analytics
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer _
Mozilla Firefox
However, of the site basis of the functions its functionality providing your cookies circuit female letting go or the use blocking in case of, site by presented clear from services We would like to remind you that you cannot benefit from it.
What Are My Rights as a Data Owner?
of the law 11 ' th substance in accordance with data owners aspect below counted to the rights owner We declare that you are:
- learning whether your personal data is processed,
- requesting information about your personal data if it has been processed,
- personal your data processing their purpose and these to its purpose appropriate used and learning not to use
- to know the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred, in the country or abroad,
- personal your data missing or false finished to be in case of n these d to be corrected don't ask and requesting the notification of the transaction made in this context to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred,
- Law and relating to other law to the provisions appropriate aspect finished to be despite me , requiring processing _ your reasons away get up in case of personal your data to be deleted or to be destroyed don't ask and this in scope made your transaction personal your data transferred third requesting people to be notified,
- committed personal your data exclusive iran _ automatic systems by analysis to be made Objecting to the emergence of a result against the person himself,
- personal your data to the law against aspect processing due to to the loss stop by in case of demand compensation .
of the law 11 ' th substance in accordance with owner you are above counted lose your rights your related applications , Data To the person in charge Application Method and Fundamentals About Notification provisions You can forward it to the Company using the methods listed below :
Registered Electronic Mail (REM) Address: -
Email Address:
(*) to the company more before _ reported / in our systems registered found a email address by If you are going to ship , your applications directly above to address you can send However, i will send your e-mail address in our systems registered not if, your send _ trustworthy electronic signature or mobile signature should be done with
your request to the nature see _ _ most short _ in time and most late thirty day inside your applications free will be finalized. However, your transaction Moreover a cost require in case of Personal Datas You may be charged a fee according to the tariff to be determined by the Protection Board .